Tianna Tran is a professional makeup artist based in Vancouver, BC. She is accredited to numerous publications, brands and shows in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, and has worked alongside prestigious designers and photographers from around the world. Although she has established herself as one of Canada’s esteemed makeup artists in the film and fashion industries, she remains passionate about weddings and the intimate opportunities that challenge her to bring out beauty in real individuals. 

Tianna first fell in love with makeup artistry after following her mother to a Toronto hair and makeup course. Stumbling upon her first fundamentals class at the age of 12, she discovered her calling. Encouraged to pursue her natural talent and evident passion, Tianna began her professional career working with local partners in Vancouver. Her tenacity, adaptability, charm and professionalism have gained her success with companies such as Estee Lauder, Lululemon and Tonic Athletic who praise Tianna for her unique presence and natural flair. 

She is a contributing makeup artist for Vancouver Fashion Week, Eco Fashion Week and La Biosthetique Trend Show. She has also worked behind the scenes for designers Gabriel Lage (Argentina), Pascal Millet (Paris) and Jacqueline Conoir, as well as at the Flare World Runway Tour, Times of India Film Awards and New York Fashion Week. 

In addition, Tianna currently teaches at New Image College, sharing her talent for high fashion and bridal makeup. She is also the founder of the non-profit organization, A Wish To Wed, restoring beauty through life for terminally ill patients. 

Ironically, Tianna believes the application of makeup takes away rather than adds something to somebody’s life. She believes people are born with beauty and makeup is an instrument that sheds away fear, doubt and the question of one’s insecurity, unveiling the truth of the natural, beautiful you. 

“Be confident; feel how you already look… beautiful.”